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1. What's your name?
-- Lisa.
2. How old are you?
-- Sixteen.
3. Do you like being that age?
-- I guess?
4. If you could choose an age, what would it be?
-- I like my age.
5. Do you have any siblings?
-- Yeah.
6. If so, do you like them?
-- Fuck no.
7. What's your favorite food?
-- Uh, that's a hard question. I don't fucking know.
8. Can you cook that food yourself?
-- Hell yeah, mostly sweets.
9. What country do you live in?
-- Canada, eh.
10. If the USA, what state?
-- Creep.
11. Would you like to move?
-- Sure, if I can be close to you. Wink wonk. Jk. Fuck off.
12. Do you like snow?
-- Hell no.
13. Do you like summer or winter better?
-- Summer. 
14. Spring or fall?
-- Spring.
15. What's your favorite holiday?
-- Christmas, maybe.
16. What's your favorite number?
-- Seven.
17. Favorite letter of the alphabet?
-- Don't have one.
18. Angel or devil?
-- I don't care.
19. Fly by plane or go by boat?
-- I'm terrified of both. Neither.
20. Do you like flying at all?
-- Never went, don't plan to anytime soon.
21. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
-- Japan.
22. What language do you wish you could speak?
-- Does it have to be only one..? .. Japanese. <<
23. Which one, rock climbing or wind surfing?
-- Rock climbing, probably.
24. In color or black and white?
-- Color.
25. Most memorable moment?
-- When I fucked your mom.
26. Do you wear perfume/cologne?
-- Perfume, usually.
27. Are you allergic to anything?
-- Nope.
28. Ever play the game Truth or Dare?
-- Why, you wanna play?
29. What brands of shoes do you wear?
-- Usually only Adidas.
30. Do you prefer boots or shoes?
-- Boots. Like. Uggs, even if they're sort of ugly.
31. What's your favorite color?
-- Colors- Blue, Black, Red.
32. Do you like stuffed animals or beanie babies?
-- Stuffed animals for sure.
33. Jigsaw puzzle or rubix cube?
-- Rubix Cube.
34. How long is your hair?
-- It goes down like to the middle of my stomach.
35. What color is your hair?
-- Dark brown.
36. Have you ever dyed your hair?
-- Nope, I want to.
37. Do you have your own computer/laptop?
-- Yeah.
38. Are you a good or bad person?
-- I say I'm a good person, but I'm not.
39. Ever been suspended from school?
-- Not ye- Yes.
40. What is your favorite book?
-- Does manga count?
41. What's your favorite TV show?
-- I don't really watch TV, but if anime counts maybe Naruto or something.
42. Do you play any sports?
-- I did Figure Skating and Wrestling.
43. Do you have a cell phone?
-- Not really.
44. Ever been stalked before?
-- I hope not.
45. Do you prefer Pepsi or Coca-Cola?
-- I don't really know the difference.
46. What color are the walls in your room?
-- Light blue.
47. Do you have any pets?
-- Yeah.
48. If so, how many and what are they?
-- I have two, a cat and a dog. Cat = Baby, Dog = Trouble.
49. Do you get along with your parents?
-- I don't really talk to anyone, but yeah.
50. Are you listening to music right now?
-- Yes.
51. Do you text or call people more?
-- Text.
52. iPod or MP3?
-- iPod.
53. Harry Potter or Twilight?
-- Ew. Neither.
54. Necklace or bracelet?
-- Bracelet.
55. Dog tags or chains?
-- Uhhh. I don't fucking know.
56. Lefty or righty?
-- Righty.
57. Do you wear glasses or contacts?
-- Glasses. Don't need them all the time, though.
58. Shorts or pants?
-- Pants. Shorts make me feel uncomfortable.
59. Do you listen to the radio?
-- On the bus or in the car.
60. When bored, did you ever write on yourself with a pen?
-- Yeah. I did it just a few hours ago, actually.
61. Are you sarcastic?
-- Of couurrseeee nottt.
62. Do you sing in the shower?
-- ... Just a lil'.
63. Do you dance randomly?
-- Not really.
64. Did you ever get caught dancing randomly?
-- No.
65. Did you ever perform in a school talent show?
-- Who do you think I am.
66. Do you crack your fingers or "pop"?
-- Ugh, no. That's so gross.
67. Do you have any cousins?
-- A lot. Most of town is.
68. Have you ever ran into a screen/glass door?
-- Uhh, maybe.
69. Have you ever broken a bone?
-- Nein.
70. What color cast did you have?
-- N e i n.
71. Ever sat on a tac?
-- I sat on your mom.
72. Ever pulled a prank on someone?
-- Yeah.
73. Can you multi task?
-- Yes.
74. Do you play cards?
-- Yes, when I go camping with my cousins and at school.
75. Skii or snowboard?
-- Uhh. I don't like Skiing but I never snowboarded?
76. Swimming pool or ocean?
77. Blind date or actual date?
-- An actual date.
78. Single date or double date?
-- I dunno, single.
79. Flowers or Chocolates?
-- Chocolates. <333
80. Do you watch the news?
-- Sometimes.
81. Are you worried about your future?
-- Yes.
82. The moon or the sun?
-- Sun. Warrmmtthh.
83. Day or night?
-- Day. Warrrmmmtthh.
84. Cold weather or warm weather?
-- Warm weather.
85. Ever been on a cruise?
-- No, I don't think I will ever either.
86. Do you find some people really annoying?
-- Hell yeah. Like this dumb person today-
87. What's your favorite radio station?
-- I dunno.
88. If you had a certain power, what would it be?
-- Uhh. Maybe to like Mind read, yeah.
89. Being able to fly or teleport?
-- Teleport.
90. Dark or light?
-- Dunno. I like both.
91. Cats or dogs?
-- Kittens.
92. Ever went on a school trip out of state?
-- No.
93. Do you have photoshop?
-- Yeah.
94. Brownies or cake?
-- Both. <3
95. Favorite thing for breakfast?
96. Favorite thing for dinner?
-- Breakfast.
97. Favorite thing for dessert?
-- Anything sweet.
96. Do you get mad often?
-- All day everyday.
97. How late do you usually stay up?
-- Depends on the date of the week and when it is. But, usually 3-4in the morning.
98. Have you ever beaten up someone?
-- Nope.
99. Were you ever beaten up?
-- Nope. I'd rip them to pieces.
100. How many times has your family moved?
-- Uhh, over 7 times?
101. Are you an organized person?
-- Not really. I try, though.
102. Do you lock the door to your room?
-- Don't got a door.
103. Do you have a sign on your door?
-- Dumb bitch.
104. Do you know who Dane Cook is?
-- I think he's some joke maker person or whatever, right?
105. Do you like going to the doctor?
-- Hell no.
106. What sickness did you have last?
-- Uhh, something with my heart and blood or whatever the fuck. Hell, I dunno.
107. Do you like roller coasters?
-- nO.
108. Would you get in trouble if your parents found you up late?
-- Yes.
109. Will you be going to high school prom?
-- I want to, but I'm not sure if I'll be going.
110. Have you ever climbed a mountain(gone hiking)?
-- Yeah.
111. Ever sang karaoke?
-- Singing along with a video on Youtube counts...right? <<<<
112. If you could have a wild animal as a pet, what would it be?
-- //shrug
113. A sweater or hoodie?
-- Hoodie.
114. Do you like bugs?
-- Hell no. 
115. Milk or chocolate milk?
-- Chocolate Millllkkkkkk.
116. Chocolate chip cookies or oreos?
-- Chocolaateee chip.
117. Which one would you choose, fire, water, earth, or wind?
-- Fire or maybe wind.
118. Do you like the rain?
-- Yes, specially the sound.
119. Ever built something?
-- Yes.
120. Ever built a snowman?
-- L E A V E.
121. Ever been to Six Flags?
-- Yeah.
122. Do you like rainbows?
-- I guess.
123. Do you like anime/manga?
-- Love.
124. What was the first anime/manga you watched/read?
-- Naruto or Sonic X, if that counts.
125. What's your favorite anime/manga?
-- Maybe Naruto?
126. Do you draw?
-- Sorta.
127. Would you ever fly up to the moon?
-- No.
128. Ever embarrassed yourself in front of someone you liked?
-- Uuuuuuuuuuhh. Fuck off.
129. Are you a good speller?
-- Sorta.
130. What color are your eyes?
-- Brown. 
131. Ever saw the movie "300"?
-- No.
132. Do you have and use a webcam?
-- I did before.
133. Are you into photography?
-- Not really.
134. Do you go on "Photobucket"?
-- No.
135. What's your favorite candy?
-- Ahhhh,~~ There's too many to think of.
136. Sweet or sour?
-- Swwwweettttt.~~
137. What instrument do you wish you could play if can't already?
-- Hmm. Dunno. I play the things I want to.
138. Do you believe in love?
-- Did.
139. Do you believe in love at first site?
-- For other people, sure.
140. Ever had a heart break?
-- Can you not?
141. Have you ever broken someone's heart?
-- Not on purpose.
142. Ever been to the Grand Canyon in Arizona?
-- No.
143. Ever been to Las Vegas?
-- No.
144. Ever been to a concert?
-- Yes, I was at the Otakuthon and it was amazing.
145. Ever kept a secret journal/diary?
-- I tried.
146. How many pillows do you sleep with?
-- Two, I like to sleep with my head on one and one in between my legs. IT SOUNDS WEIRD. I KNOW. STFU. IT'S NOT LIKE THAT, SICKOS.
147. Is your bed up against a wall?
-- Yeah.
148. When listening to music, does your head or feet move to the beat?
-- Sometimes.
149. What's a hidden talent you have?
-- I don't have talents.
150. Do you believe in ghost stories?
-- Yess.
151. Have you ever gone camping?
-- Yes, I hate it.
152. When you camped, did you tell/listen to ghost stories?
-- Don't remember.
153. Watermelon or strawberries?
-- StrawberriesssSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!~~~~~~~~~~~
154. Ice tea or green tea?
-- Iced tea.
155. Rock or Country?
-- I like both equally.
156. Fabreeze or glade?
-- Fuck, I dunno.
157. ROFL or LMAO?
-- Neither.
158. Ever think of your dream wedding?
-- I don't really think of getting married, nor do I think I will get married.
159. Do you have your class ring?
-- What?
160. Do you think rain hides your feelings?
-- Why the hell would rain hide my feelings?
161. When was the last time you yelled?
-- Uhh, yesterday. I was hyper and screaming at everything.
162. When was the last time you said "sorry" to someone?
-- Earlier today because I thought I made someone cry.
163. Do you have any tattoos?
-- No.
164. Have you ever gone ice skating?
-- Yes.
165. Do you get physically hurt often?
-- Uhh, not really.
166. Do you like marshmallows?
-- When you eat too many they're gross.
167. Do you like smores?
-- YES.
168. Ever roast a marshmellow?
-- Yes.
169. Ever sat by a camp fire?
-- Yes.
170. Have you ever been to the beach?
-- What you you trying to imply here//squint
I'm not a hermit.
171. Sharpie or regular pen?
-- Sharpie.
172. Pencil or highlighter?
-- Highlighter. I can color random shit on my paper.
173. Would you rather have blue eyes or green eyes?
-- BLUE EYES, BLUE EYES, BLUE EYES. <3 They're soo prettyy.
174. Ever ate sushi?
-- Yeah, it was okay.
175. Ever been to Japan?
-- I'm supposed to be going in a few years.
176. Do you watch videos on Youtube?
-- All the time.
177. Are you going to school?
-- Unfortunately, yeah.
178. Do you like ice cream?
-- Sorta.
179. Pudding or apple sauce?
-- Pudddinnng.
180. Target or Walmart?
-- Walmart.
181. Do you use shampoo and conditioner?
-- Uh, yeah.
182. When you were little, what dream job did you want?
-- I really wanted to be a Veterinarian. 
183. Do you watch the show "Myth Busters"?
-- Sometimes.
184. Do onions really make you cry?
-- Never cut one.
185. A Wii or PS3?
-- As shitty as these both are, PS3.
186. Do you keep your room clean or messy?
-- Messy.
187. How many DVDs do you own?
-- I don't know, count them for me.
188. Have you ever used a compass before?
-- Yeah.
189. Ever slept in a sleeping bag?
-- Yeah.
190. What's your favorite flavor jam?
-- Strawberrrrrrrrrrrrrrry.
191. Have you ever watch the movie "Titanic"?
-- Yes, I used to watch it a lot when I was little.
191. Ever been on a road trip?
-- Yes. Sucks ass.
192. Do you have posters on your walls?
-- Yes, a lot. Like. 17+
193. Do you believe in UFOs?
-- Hell yeah.
194. How long does it take you to read a book?
-- Usually two days if it's really big.
195. Direct TV or Dish Network?
-- I don't watch TV really.
196. Most watched channel in your house hold?
-- Probably Adult Swim.
197. Does your family own a gun?
-- Yeah, wanna see it? //wink
198. Do you believe in dinosaurs?
-- Yes.
199. Do you believe there is a North Pole?
-- Uhm, yes?
200. Can you play the piano?
-- Yeah.
201. Have you painted a room before?
-- I think.
202. What game systems do you own?
-- PS2, Gamecube, Xbox 360, DS, 3DS, Nintendo 64, iPod (if it counts?), uhh more shit that I can't think of.
203. Have you ever had brain freeze?
-- Yeah.
204. Have you ever been tackled by a best friend?
-- And then groped.
205. Ever been bitten by a snake?
-- No.
206. Tile or carpet?
-- Both.
207. What games do you have installed on your computer?
-- Mabinogi, Minecraft, Aura Kingdom and Eden Eternal.
208. Have you ever disrupted class for talking?
-- A lot.
209. Have you ever disrupted class for accidently laughing loudly?
-- Hahaha, fuck yeah.
210. Ever played any old fashion games like Pac-man, Snake, or Pong?
-- Uh yeah, they aren't that old.
211. Can you build or rebuild cars?
-- Uhm, no.
212. Have you lost something important to you?
-- People AND I LOST MY 3DS. ; - ;
213. Have you ever laughed so hard that you cried?
214. Are you a noob?
-- Wanna go, punk? I'll 1 v 1 you bitch.
215. Have you ever cut your own hair?
-- I don't trust myself, but I cut my wigs if that counts.
216. Ever tripped over something?
-- Yeah.
217. Ever got stung by a bee?
-- No.
218. Do you get interupted alot?
-- Yeah, I don't care cause I end up saying what I want anyway.
219. Do you interupt people alot?
-- Yes, when I get excited.
220. Ever jumped off the roof into a pool?
-- Nope.
221. Do you like the taste of the envelope?
-- No, it's gross.
222. Do you like ketchup?
-- Yeppers.
223. Do you mix your fountain drinks?
-- What?
224. What did you do last valentine's day?
-- I got a rose, a few cards and I think I might've gave a card to two of my friends..?
225. Horror or action movies?
-- Action. Horror is horribad.
226. Would you ever drive/ride a motorcycle?
-- Sure.
227. Ever played laser tag?
-- Yeah, kinda boring.
228. Have you been stressed lately?
-- Sorta?
229. Do you have any scars on your body?
-- Yes.
230. Do you know how to snowboard?
-- Nope.
231. Who taught you how to swim?
-- My grandma and mother.
232. Ever been lied to?
233. Do you have any fears?
234. Last time you slammed your bedroom door?
-- I don't have a door.
235. Best Buy or Circuit City?
-- Circuit City???
236. iTunes or Limewire?
-- iTunes, I guess.
237. Ever fixed a bike?
-- Yeah.
238. Do you like cake?
239. Do you want to live in a castle/mansion?
-- Not realllllyyyy.
240. Ever played the game "MASH"?
-- Nop-- Wait, I think. I dunno.
241. Do you dry your hair after a shower with the hair dryer or let it dry on it own?
-- Depends.
242. Do you believe in miracles?
-- I like to, but I don't know if they're really real.
243. Do you believe in superstitions?
-- Sometimes.
244. When you were little did you ever place your tooth under your pillow for the tooth fairy?
-- Yessss. I still have a baby tooth, I will have another 2 dollars one day. //looks into distance
245. Do you like being inside or outside more?
-- Inside.
246. Do you like popsicles?
-- I guess. I know your mom does.
247. Do you have a TV in your room?
-- Yeah, two of them technically.
248. Do you wear any colorful socks?
-- All the time.
249. Do you want to live in a beach house?
-- No.
250. Can you speak another language, if so, what language?
-- French and Mohawk.
251. Do you get headaches alot?
-- No.
252. Are you tired or did you just wake up?
-- I'm always sorta tired.
253. Do you skateboard?
-- Sometimes.
254. When was the last time you walked in snow?
-- Yesterday.
255. Ever been under a waterfall?
-- No.
256. Do you have a blue ray player?
-- Yeah.
257. Can you hear dogs barking outside your window at night and/or day?
-- Yep.
258. Are you ticklish?
--Don't fucking touch me or I'll cut off your limbs and sell them.
259. When texting, do you type out the full word, or shorten them?
-- Depends.
260. Do you like being in the dark?
-- Depends on what I'm doing. <<
261. Do you like being in the dark alone?
-- Not really. If I'm on my computer, yeah.
262. Are you random most days?
-- All the time.
263. Have you ever played hop scotch?
-- Yeah.
264. Have you ever jumped rope?
-- Yeah.
265. Did you ever play tag football in P.E?
-- I don't remember.
266. Do you like peanut butter?
-- YES.
267. Will you get drunk the night of your 21st birthday?
-- I can do it when I'm 18, but yes. I wanna try it.
268. Do you like to wear the color pink?
-- No.
269. Have you ever seen a tornado in person?
-- Nope.
270. Can you read minds?
-- I wish.
271. Do you like lemons?
-- Yes, they are good things to read.
272. Do you like limes?
-- They're ok.
273. Do you see dead people?
-- When I was younger I saw a dead girl- Not any more, she left.
274. Can people trust you?
-- Depends. 
275. Can you trust people?
-- Honestly, not anymore.
276. Blah or bleh?
-- Bllllllllllllluuuuuuuuuuuuuh.
277. Where is your destination in life?
-- Dunno, I'm goin' with the flow.
278. Where will you be in the next 3 hours?
-- My bed or your bed. //wink
279. How many posters are on your walls?
-- 17+, too lazy to count.
280. Do you still like them or just havent taken them down?
-- Love 'em.
281. Are you on a laptop or desktop right now?
-- Desktop.
282. Did you have hot wheels when you were younger?
-- I think so.
283. Did you have a cabbage patch kid doll?
-- Yeah, they're fucking creepy.
284. Do you have a trampoline?
-- No.
285. If there was an illness you could cure, what would it be?
-- Cancer.
286. What's one thing you regret doing?
-- Uhhh. Coming on the internet, but still. I enjoy it anyway.
287. If you could take back one thing you've said, what would it be?
-- Uh. What's with this question?
"I hate you-- *bable babble*" Some bullshit like that. Me to friend.

288. Ever played the game "Monopoly"?
-- Yes.
289. Ever played the game "Life"?
-- Yes.
290. Do you shop at Hot Topic?
-- Nope.
291. Have you ever gotten your phone taken away?
-- No, but my iPod in class. Annoying teachers.
292. If you live in the US, do you still remember 9/11?
-- No.
293. Ever been asked "Do you have msn?" by someone you don't know?
-- No. I'm not that old.
294. Do you still love your parents when you argue with them?
-- Bluh.
295. Did you ever get into mischief when you were little?
-- Still dooo.
296. Is your bed made?
-- No.
297. Did you watch a movie today?
-- No.
298. When was the last time you ate popcorn?
-- I don't like popcorn, I dunno.
299. If you could have ANY job for a day, what would it be?
-- That one job you get payed for sleeping at NASA.<<<<<<<<<
300. Will you ever answer a quiz with 300 questions again?
-- FUCK. NO.

I have no bitches to tag that haven't been already and I will put none of my friends through this torture.


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